Sistotrema muscicola (Pers.) S. Lundell

wielozarodniczka mchowa
Sistotrema muscicola (wielozarodniczka mchowa)
pokrój; 19.08.2004, Kotlina Kłodzka; copyright © by Marek Snowarski
Sistotrema muscicola (wielozarodniczka mchowa)
pory w zbliżeniu
Sistotrema muscicola (wielozarodniczka mchowa)
przekrój, subiculum
Sistotrema muscicola (wielozarodniczka mchowa)

cechy makroskopowe

Basidiocarps poroid, yellowish; resupinate, effused in small patches; fragile, loosely attached to substrate; margin white cottony to fimbriate.


Subiculum very thin, white, soft, cottony to arachnoid.

cechy mikroskopowe

Basidiospores subglobose to ellipsoid or broadly ovate, smooth, hyaline, Melzer negative, 3.5 – 5.5 × 2.5 – 3.5 µm.


Hyphal system monomitic; subicular hyphae with conspicuous clamps, hyaline, thin-walled [61] (in my specimen rather thick walled), some ampulate, commonly lightly encrusted with coarse crystals; 2 – 5 µm thick.



Cause white root of dead conifers and hardwoods.


Rare. On dead wood of conifers and hardwoods, also among mosses and leaf litter on the soil surface.
Hyphal system monomitic; generative hyphae with clamps; basidia urniform, often with 6 – 8 sterigmate; basidiospores small, smooth, hyaline, Melzer negative. Associated with white rots.

Sistotrema confluens

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Sistotrema confluens
basidiocarps stipitate

sistotrema albolutea

basidiospores globose; basidia 2 – 4 sterigmate
basidiospores suballantoid; basidia 6 – 8 sterigmate

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