substancje porostowe substancje porostowe substancje porostowe substancje porosto…substancje porostowechloroatranoryna, chloroatranorin, Chloratranorinkwas alektoronowy, alectorialic acid, Alectorialsäure

TLC, spot tests

class: β-Orcinol Depsides
Rf values in standard eluents systems: A: 44 · B: 69 · B': 67 · C: 52

Visibility: in natural light: — · in UV-C (254nm): +

Visibility after H2SO4 spraying and 10 min in 110°C charring:
in natural light: strong to pale yellow, grey halo
in UV-A (ca.360nm): strong purple, pale yellow halo

Spot tests: K — · C — · KC orange · P — · FeCl3 violet-blue


GE - small rhombic prisms; GAAn - long needles; GWPy - delicate thin lamellae