kwas alektoronowy, alectorialic acid, Alectorialsäure

substancje porostowe substancje porostowe substancje porostowe substancje porosto…substancje porostowekwas barbatowy, barbatic acid, Barbatsäure4-O-demethylbarbatic acid, 4-O-Demethylbarbatinsäure

TLC, spot tests

class: β-Orcinol Depsides
Rf values in standard eluents systems: A: 36 · B: 48 · B': 50 · C: 32 · G: 60

Visibility: in natural light: + · in UV-C (254nm): + bright blue

Visibility after H2SO4 spraying and 10 min in 110°C charring:
in natural light: pale brown
in UV-A (ca.360nm): brown

Spot tests: K yellow · C red · KC red · P yellow · FeCl3 violet, purple-red


GE - clusters of needles; GAoT - bright yellow spindle-shaped crystals; GAQ - coarse yellow prisms