Sistotrema muscicola (Pers.) S. Lundell

wielozarodniczka mchowa
Sistotrema muscicola
pokrój · habit; 19.08.2004, Kotlina Kłodzka; znal. 040819.4
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Sistotrema muscicola
pory w zbliżeniu · pores close-up
Sistotrema muscicola
przekrój, subiculum · cross section, subiculum
Sistotrema muscicola

cechy makroskopowe (Macro)

Basidiocarps poroid, yellowish; resupinate, effused in small patches; fragile, loosely attached to substrate; margin white cottony to fimbriate.

Hymenophore surface poroid or hydnaceous, 2-4 pores per mm; disseptiments splitting to form spines.

Subiculum very thin, white, soft, cottony to arachnoid.

cechy mikroskopowe (Micro)

Basidiospores subglobose to ellipsoid or broadly ovate, smooth, hyaline, Melzer negative, 3.5-5.5 × 2.5-3.5 µm.

Basidia urniform, mostly 6-sterigmate, with basal clamp, 15-25 × 4-8 µm.

Hyphal system monomitic; subicular hyphae with conspicuous clamps, hyaline, thin-walled [61] (in my specimen rather thick walled), some ampulate, commonly lightly encrusted with coarse crystals; 2-5 µm thick.

Cystidia absent.

wartość (Importance)

Cause white root of dead conifers and hardwoods.


Rare. On dead wood of conifers and hardwoods, also among mosses and leaf litter on the soil surface.
Klucz do Sistotrema (wielozarodniczka)

Hyphal system monomitic; generative hyphae with clamps; basidia urniform, often with 6-8 sterigmate; basidiospores small, smooth, hyaline, Melzer negative. Associated with white rots.
 Sistotrema confluens red listGREJ
basidiocarps stipitate
- basidiocarps resupinate
 Sistotrema albolutea
basidiospores globose; basidia 2-4 sterigmate
spores not globose
 Sistotrema dennisii
basidiospores suballantoid; basidia 6-8 sterigmate
Sistotrema muscicola
Sistotrema muscicola (wielozarodniczka mchowa)
Sistotrema muscicola
basidiospores broadly ovate to ellipsoid; basidia 6-8 sterigmate

wybrane znaleziska · selected collections

Sistotrema muscicola
17f · 04 08 19 4
(Kotlina Kłodzka)
identification: Sistotrema muscicola
spores: 4.7 × 2.9, Q= 1.6, N= 11
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